Emergency Food Ration Bars


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Super-fast energy supply! Each box contains 12 bags of 550 / 570 calorie pre-measured bars.

Long Shelf Life! Vacuum packaging, no preservatives. Can be stored at normal temperature in a cool and dry place for 20 Years.
Nutritious & healthy! Enjoy our great original, chocolate, peanut butter or salt and pepper biscuits. Each biscuit is enriched with the vitamins and minerals you need to accomplish any mission. Our Biscuits do not contain cholesterol, are also great for athletes, dieters and vegan.
Easy to carry! It is your best choice for outdoor work activities. Even if you do not leave home, it can provide you with nutritional food in emergency situations.

Our Biscuits go well with milk, juice, or water for filling your stomach and gives you the energy you need to stay on the go.

  • VALUE PACKAGING: Each box contains 12 bags,120g per pack, calories contain 1988kj/475kcal per 100g,total energy 6840 kcal. Enough to meet your daily needs.
  • EASY TO CARRY: 12 bags of independent tin foil packaging, small and easy to carry, can be stored in your clothes pocket. Open the bag you can eat it quickly, when you hiking, rock climbing, skiing or long-distance riding you can choose emergency food bars to provide energy.
  • NUTRITION AND HEALTH: Emergency survival rods are made of high-quality flour, sugar, oil and other raw materials, which can be carefully made, allowing you to maintain an active body state before high-intensity activity.
  • SHELF LIFE IS LONG: Emergency food supply by vacuum packaging, don’t add preservatives, 20-year shelf life if you put it in cool and dry place ,even if you are stored for a long time, you can maintain fresh and crispy tastes, providing you with nutrition and vitality.
  • WIDELY USED: You can eat survival ration bars when encountering emergency, such as disasters, military combat, earthquake, food, hurricane, camping, boating, or more indoor and outdoor activities during emergency, tornado, camping, boating, or more indoor and outdoor activities. This will be a good emergency reserve.

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Weight 4 lbs
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Multivitamin, Peanut Butter, Chocolate

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